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Kinesiology & Exercise Therapy

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Kinesiologist is a university-trained exercise specialist with a detailed understanding of the mechanics of the human body, the effect of injury on movement and the progressive prescription of exercise.

Active Rehabilitation is an individualized program to meet your goals and functional needs with respect to lifestyle, work or sport. Our goal is to ensure you return to functional independence in all aspects of life and to prevent a recurrence of your injury.

Active Rehabilitation is used in the treatment of:

ICBC  A customized active program to enable you to cope with your respective job tasks, and a guided outline of a gradual return to work.

RCMP Rehabilitation – The program is coordinated with the RCMP Health Services and is aimed at improving the functional ability to assist you with job-related demands.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation – The focus of the program will be to improve your strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, balance and functional stability to ensure a safe return to sport.

Personal Training – A “one-on-one” training session with a Kinesiologist. Our Kinesiologist will work with you to develop your overall conditioning to achieve your goals and regain optimal health and functional movement.

Core Stability Exercises – Used to provide stability to the spine. This will assist you to perform exercises of the upper and lower limbs without compensatory stress to the neck, back and pelvis. “We need to stabilize before we move.”

Our goal is to assist you in regaining functional independence with activities of daily life and lifestyle. A home program is incorporated during all your stages of recovery.

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